Neues Palais

Neues Palais, Gartenseite im Morgennebel
Karl Christian Wilhelm Baron: Neues Palais vom Klausberg, 1775, Foto: Roland Handrick (c) SPSG
Potsdam, Park Sanssouci, Foto: Hans Bach (c) SPSG
Potsdam, Neues Palais im Frühling
Potsdam, Neues Palais
Potsdam, Neues Palais im Herbst
Potsdam, Neues Palais im Winter
Potsdam, Neues Palais beim Feuerwerk der Schlössernacht
Potsdam, Neues Palais bei Nacht

The Neues Palais is one of the most important German palaces of the 18th century and the largest and most magnificent of Frederick the Great's palace buildings. Following the Seven Years' War, he had it built for his contemporaries and for posterity from 1763-69, as a monument to his military triumphs and personal glory. High-ranking guests were accommodated and entertained in splendid suites and halls. Today, it is one of the best-preserved representational buildings of its time.

The concept of the exhibition FRIEDERISIKO (Frederick's Risk) is developed from Frederick's precise and subtly considered functions and designs for the palace interiors. They reflect the ideas and preferences of the king and reveal how he saw himself and how he wanted to be remembered. The Neues Palais provides insights about why and how Frederick became "the Great” and what makes him still appear "Great” to us today. A total of twelve themes will be presented; eleven in the palace interiors. The twelfth theme is the Frederician garden at Sanssouci, which will incorporate ten sites in Sanssouci Park. They permit a better understanding of Frederick's personal domain, while further introducing his diverse political and cultural actions and their impact.