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A volume accompanying the exhibition FRIEDERISIKO, as well as a scholarly publication, are being produced in collaboration with the Hirmer Verlag. Both volumes will be published in mid-April 2012.

Friederisiko - Frederick the Great. The Exhibition

Publikation: Friederisiko - Friedrich der Große. Die Ausstellung Frederick wanted to stand out in history - and he did it! He was 18 the first time, when he attempted to escape in 1730. He wanted to be recognized as "Great” by his contemporaries and posterity: as a military leader, poet, philosopher and art lover. This did not escape the notice of his contemporaries, but they speculated about who Frederick really was as a person; questioning his character and his morals. Mostly, because Frederick made a secret of them. He liked to leave people in the dark about him and presented himself differently to each individual - difficult to perceive at all times, but always ingeniously staged and concerned with his own fame. The New Palace is an architectural expression of his efforts. He thought the palace through in every detail. It was intended to be a triumphal monument to his "greatness”.

The exhibition with its original artifacts and the accompanying book grant a rare view behind the mask of the king. In twelve special topics, they manifest Frederick's personality and character, his ideas, his thought process and his actions.

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Friederisiko - Frederick the Great. The Essays

Publikation: Friederisiko - Friedrich der Große. Die Essays Much can still be learned about Frederick the Great after 300 years. A cross-section of research results that are the fruits of conferences on Prussia's greatest king organized by the SPSG since 2007, are collected in this volume of essays accompanying the Friederisiko exhibition. Even after 300 years, there is still quite a lot that can and must still be said about Frederick the Great. This has been confirmed by the joint conferences on Prussia's most famous king organized since 2007 by the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg and the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung. A cross-section of the latest research that will be published on, are assembled in this volume of essays accompanying the Friederisiko exhibition. The 22 essays reveal the unexpected and sometimes question what has been generally assimilated or often held true. For instance, ceremonies, protocol and the court were more important to the king than commonly believed and maintained. He was also less thrifty than assumed and spent a lot of money on luxury goods, clothes and works of art - in short, as a demonstration of his fame. Through these readings, it becomes apparent that Frederick wanted to become "Great” at all costs. No anonymous power of history was responsible for his ascent; instead, he made himself into what he became.

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