Schloss Rheinsberg, Foto: Leo Seidel (c) SPSG

"Friedrich ohne Ende" (Frederick Without End)
August 4 - October 28, 2012, Rheinsberg Palace

Frederick spent many happy years at Rheinsberg as crown prince. The still preserved Frederician palace interiors await visitors in this anniversary year with four small "surprises,” which elucidate the young Frederick from various viewpoints: as a builder, as a visionary and strategist, as a garden enthusiast - and as a husband.

Logo: Friedrich ohne EndeThe second part opens the view to the unbroken importance of Frederick for Rheinsberg Palace. In a close arrangemant of exhibits Frederick the Great is shown as tourism brand, in festival, in school, in books and in picture.

In addition, the exhibition "Friedrich ohne Ende - Friedrichrezeption in Rheinsberg” (Frederick Without End - Critical Reception of Frederick at Rheinsberg) will be shown at the Kurt Tucholsky Literaturmuseum at Rheinsberg Palace.

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In the region around Rheinsberg various events in 2012 invite to follow Frederick's trails: Sans Souci in Ruppin Country! All Information:

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